Friday, October 30, 2015

Completely Remove from Your Computer (Redirect Removal Guide)

Your browser has been redirected Have difficulty in removing it? Please try the given methods in the following passages. Description is a questionable website that has low trust rating. You are not recommended to visit this site because there may be malware in this domain. is also classified as browser redirect. It is usually created to promote third party products (fake video player) or services (fake tech support). often comes alongside other software especially freeware and shareware. It can get installed your computer after your visit malicious websites or clicking suspected pop-ups. You should be careful with your online activities.

How to Remove Chinese Software Iqiyi and Other Bundled Junkware?

A Chinese program named "Iqiyi" got into my computer (how it happened is a large story...) every time i restart my PC, the app launches itself. I tried to uninstall it through the "uninstall" menu on programs and features, but it doesn’t work. What should I do?? This thing is so annoying.

What is Iqiyi?

Iqiyi (爱奇艺) is a Chinese video player that provides free and HD network video services. However, these days, many computer users complained that their computers have been infected by this application. Users get this application usually after they download some software from third party websites or file-sharing platform. Iqiyi can be packaged into some software as bundles. If you don’t reject it in advance by using ‘Custom’ installation, it will slip into your computer without your knowledge and permission. When you unzip some files without rejecting additional programs, you may install Iqiyi to your computer. All in all, there are a lot of ways that this APP can get in your computer.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How Do I Get Rid of (SideCudes) from Infected PC?

My Chrome homepage and search engine has been hijacked by I have tried removing it from control panel and run MalwareBytes with no luck. Is there any good way to remove this annoying browser hijacker?

What is also known as SideCudes is a free windows widget built and designed to simplify the way people use the web. However, it is recognized as a troublesome browser hijacker that will compromise all brands of internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Once your computer has been infected, you should find it out and remove it to avoid further damage.

Infected by ZipperPro - How to Get Rid of ZipperPro from Infected PC?

Since yesterday, I have found multiple ads by ZipperPro in my search engine. It is annoying to find these ads when surfing the internet. I try to remove it from my programs and browser, but the ads still there. How do I get rid of them completely?

What is ZipperPro?

ZipperPro is presented as a useful software that saves space on users’ hard drives by archiving videos, images and text files. It seems a wonderful tool but is actually recognized as an adware by many reputable antivirus programs. You should remove it to avoid more troubles. Removal Guide – How Do I Get Rid of Redirect?

Each time my laptop startup, a website will automatically open with Opera (as my default browser), the website ishxxp://, when I use Combofix, I found this uStart Page = hxxp:// Can you guys help me, i will be really appreciate

What is is a questionable Russian site that has seriously interfered with some computer users. It comes stealthily and often messes up users’ internet browsers with unstoppable pop-ups and redirects. You should be careful with this website and remove it as early as you can.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Infected by Rapid Media Converter Adware – How to Remove Ads by Rapid Media Converter?

Hi, my PC keeps opening a lot of pop-ups and it slows down my PC a lot. Pop-ups are from all kind of ads, the icon that's in my task-bar look like a play button and it has some lines attached to it, as if the play button is running with speed. The windows that open at the very bottom say: Ad by Rapid Media Converter...

What is Rapid Media Converter?

Rapid Media Converter is presented as a professional audio file converter for Windows that makes converting files fun, fast and easy. It seems a wonderful tool for media experience. However, it is actually categorized as a potentially unwanted program or adware that usually installs to user’s computer via ‘bundling’. That is, this program is packaged into a deceptive software. If you fail to reject it in advance, it will get installed by default.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Best Ways to Remove Browser Hijacker

“My PC has infected with a browser hijacker that occasionally opens one or two tabs in chrome addressed "". My default search engine is not changed and i havent any suspect program installed. Any suggestions?”

What is
is a browser hijacker that usually comes alongside with questionable programs or toolbars. It is usually packaged into some software as an additional bundle. If you fail to reject it from ‘Advanced’ or ‘Custom’ Setup, it will slip into your computer by default and soon take over your web browsers (including IE, Firefox, and Chrome). You should remove it in time to avoid further troubles.

Completely Remove Redirect from your Computer?

I think my computer has infected with a malware. It opens a new tab with, and then quickly moves on to some other ad type of webpage. This will always happen on a click somewhere on the browser page. What an annoying thing. How do I remove it from my computer?

What is
is a malicious site that will mess up your internet browsing and hijack all the browsers installed on your computer. Once infected, the disturbing redirect page, namely, will show up in your IE, Firefox, and Chrome. This will always happen on a click somewhere on the browser page. It interrupts your browsing activities and changes your browser home page, new tabs or even search engine. Browsing with the infected browsers will be extremely difficult and dangerous. Here are some other troubles brought by

Sunday, October 25, 2015

How Do I Remove Popup from Infected Computer?

“Recently I installed this software:
After that I get popup from this website (in IE only):
I couldn't remove it and no antivirus and antimalware detected it...How do I remove it from the infected computer?”

What is is a questionable website with porn contents. This website usually comes as a pop-up new tab. It takes over your web browsers and delivers junk and spam to your computer. You should remove it to avoid further infection.

Commonly, this annoying porn popup comes bundled with other software. If you install those software without checking the additional bundles, you will install ‘troubles’ to your computer. Besides, you should also notice the emails from unknown addresses in case it offer you suspicious links containing malicious web scripts or codes.

How to Remove Tech Support Scam Popup?

The page at says your system has detected possibly suspicious activity or your computer has been infected by spyware or malware? If you keep getting this annoying alert popup, you can follow the guides here to get rid of it.

What is is a tech support scam that has been used by cyber criminals to trick innocent users. This kind of scam usually comes up as an automatic popup to different kinds of web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. It is created with some technology so that it can take over your web browser without your permission and even freeze your entire web browser. Please do not call the given (Toll Free) number for assistance; otherwise, you will turn to another scam.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Best Ways to Remove Trojan:Win32/MultiInjector.A!rfn from Infected PC

Today I did a full scan for my computer using Windows Defender and it found Trojan:Win32/MultiInjector.A!rfn. I tried to remove it but failed. How do I remove it effectively?

Trojan:Win32/MultiInjector.A!rfn Description

Trojan:Win32/MultiInjector.A!rfn is a dangerous Trojan horse that usually sneaks into a computer via random links, spam email attachments, or peer to peer share files. It is created by cyber hackers to conduct a series of activities to compromise your computer and damage your system. Same to other Trojan that, this Trojan uses code injection to make it harder to detect and remove. Once insides, this risky trojan will bring you a lot of PC problems. For example:

It may disable or shut down your application;
It may make your PC become sluggish;
It may generate multiple processes to take up your system resources;
It may modify your browser settings and redirect your web pages;
It may collect your important information such as IP, emails, passwords, or banking details;
It may download other malware threats to your computer;
It may degrade your PC performance and damage your hard disk.

Friday, October 23, 2015

How Do I Get Rid of VirTool:Win32/CeeInject.GS?

Your computer has been infected by VirTool:Win32/CeeInject.GS? It sneaks into your computer without your knowledge and damages your system? Your antivirus cannot remove it completely and it will come back as you restart your computer? You may get more help this article.

What is VirTool:Win32/CeeInject.GS?

VirTool:Win32/CeeInject.GS is a sneaky Trojan Horse creation tool that will compromise your computer and damage your system. It usually sneaks into your computer as an attachment to a spam email. So you are often not recommended to open the email that comes from unknown or suspected addresses. You should also not to click the links in it in case it force to a website that automatically downloads malware to your computer.

How Do I Remove Crazy Score Adware & Get Rid of Crazy Score Pop-up Ads?

I recently noticed Google Chrome populating its first page from Google Search with Crazy Score ads. This soon evolved to populating other pages with Crazy Score ads in the margins. Now when I click on anywhere in a web page in Google Chrome it opens another web page of ads - usually with do I get rid of Crazy Score completely?

What is Crazy Score?

Crazy Score is a malware-type of adware that usually gets in user’s computer via ‘bundling’. This application is usually bundled with other software as an additional offer. In fact, as long as you choose Express Setup, you will undoubtedly get this adware without giving permission.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to Remove Browser Hijacker from Your Computer?

My computer has been redirecting to and I can't seem to find its source or location. Everything on the internet says "oh download this and will get rid of it". How can I get rid of it from my computer?

What is is an advertising platform created to promote third party programs or compromise users’ computers. It is usually bundled with other infected software or embedded onto share files and spam email attachments. This usually happen without your knowledge and permission. Same to other popup, cause following troubles to your computer.

It can compromise your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
It can mess up your computer by displaying constant and unstoppable popups;
It can keep track of your browsing activities and collect your important information;
It can interrupt your online activities and slow your computer;
It may also falsify your browser settings and replace your home page and search engine.

How to Remove Crypt0L0cker Ransomware & Restore Encrypted Files?

I think my computer is infected by a ransomware and it is called Crypt0L0cker. All my personal files seem to be locked by this virus. How do I remove this ransom virus and recover my files without paying the ransom?

What is Crypt0L0cker?

Crypt0L0cker is a file-encrypting ransomware that may encrypt your important files on your computer, networking disks, or USB by using RSA-2048 key (AES CBC 256-bit encryption algorithm). The files that have been encrypted are usually photos, video, documents, etc. Here are some examples:

.sql, .mp4, .7z, .rar, .m4a, .wma, .avi, .wmv, .mpqge, .kdb, .db0, .dba, .rofl, .hkx, .bar, .upk, .das, .pptm, .pptx, .ppt, .xlk, .xlsb, .xlsm, .xlsx, .xls, .wps, .docm, .docx, .doc, .odb, .odc, .odm, .odp, .ods, .odt...

How to Get Rid of Fake Alert Popup?

You got a pop up saying your computer is infected by the website from You ran Microsoft security essentials and they found nothing? You ran Malwarebytes and it found nothing? Need help get rid of this troublesome popup? Please read more details below.

What is is a fake alert generated by Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) or adware. It is created by cyber criminals to generate pay-per-click/visit revenue and allure users to pay for the promoted products. This nasty popup is one kind of the pop-up ads generated by PUPs or adware, so you will seem “Ads by xxx” labeled on the popup. Besides, this popup is triggered by malicious cookies or web scripts. In this case, you will find nothing visible on your computer. Anyway, you are not recommended to click any links on this popup in case of triggering more infections.

Monday, October 19, 2015

How to Remove (Search – SmartShopSave) Browser Hijacker?

Is your computer infected by When your launch your internet browser, you find in you are in this suspected website rather your default home page? If you are find solutions for this troublesome browser hijacker, you might as well try the removal methods here.

What is also known as smart shop save is a suspected search website that comes bundled with other software. It is usually incorporated into some software or small programs such as media players, download-managers, PDF creators, or game apps. If you install these kinds of software or programs without rejecting the additional bundles, you may install unwanted programs to your computer by default.

How to Remove Pop Ups showing Error Code 0x80070424?

I am getting a pop ups regularly with an audio recording asking me to call a number to get help fixing it. They prevent me from closing my browser unless I manually close it through the task manager. I run Avast antivirus but it isn't finding any problems when I run scan. Can someone advise?

What’s Happen to Your Computer?

If you are seeing popups showing your computer has Error Code 0x80070424 and asking you to call the given number to have it fixed, please don’t trust it. This kind of popup is a fake alert which is usually caused by the PUP (potentially unwanted program) or Malware.

The PUP or Malware usually enter your computer via other infected software, spam emails, torrent files, or hacked/corrupt websites. You should surf the internet and browsing the web carefully in case of infecting with unexpected infections. Once infected, you will find your web browsers out of control and you may not do anything. Here are some troubles possible caused by this annoying popup.

How to Remove Popup from Your Computer Completely? keeps popping up on my website. How do I fix this error?

What is
is a redirect infection caused by PUPs installed on your computer without your knowledge. This annoying popup usually comes after you install some software, open attachments or click links on the spam emails, or visit corrupt or hacked websites. You should stay away from all these things in case of getting unexpected infections.

Once infected, you will find some troubles or programs. This annoying popup can keep showing up without your permission. It may change your browser settings and generate malicious cookies. And then it can enable every pop-up or redirect. You should remove the PUP and the annoying popup in case it collects your browsing history and other important data and drops more infections to your computer.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

How Do I Get Rid of KNCTR from Computer?

What is KNCTR?

KNCTR is a potentially unwanted media player. It can be downloaded from its official site. But it is usually bundled with other software. This media player is compatible with Windows XP, VISTA, 7 & 8. It is presented as a useful application to enhance your video experience. However, once inside, you will find this application is not as good as it is.

How Do I Remove from Chrome Completely?

- My computer is infected with How am I doing?
- You are welcomed to read the post below to learn how to remove it completely.

What is is a suspicious site that might have malware. It is a nasty infection that enters your PC via infected software, random pop-ups, suspicious sites, spam email attachments, or removable devices. You should be careful in case of bringing more troubles to your computer. is also regarded as a redirect virus. It can pop up to your web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome) automatically and then mess up your online activities and even normal computer activities. Please note that this pop-up aims at promoting scams or third party ads. It will not only deliver you random ads but also collect your browsing history and other personally identified information.

Friday, October 16, 2015

How to Remove Searchres.2f5 from Your Computer Permanently?

I continually get a message from AVG that this virus in on my computer. Each time I ask that it be removed. Does anyone know why removal is not permanent? Thanks!

What is Searchres.2f5?

Searchres.2f5 is an adware that usually comes bundled with other software. Once installed, it will display a bunch of advertisements to your computer. There are also unwanted extensions and plugins added to your computer without permission. When you launch your computer and connect to the internet, you will notice random and constant pop-ups, redirects, or new tabs showing up. And then you will not be able to surf the internet smoothly. Besides, you will find your computer become sluggish by loading too many programs. Here are some symptoms after being infected.

Best Ways to Remove Popup pop up occurs when I am logged onto the internet. It asks me to contact Microsoft Certified Technician by calling 1-855-209-1303. I know it is scam but how to do get rid of it. I have tried many times but it still there. Description is another dubious website created by cyber criminals to spread tech support scams. Here are some messages from this site:

“Java Script Alert - windowszmonitor -
there may be some Suspicious Activity on your Computer.
Please Contact Microsoft Certified Technician for help
1-855-209-1303 Please contact Microsoft Certified Technician...”

Thursday, October 15, 2015

How to Remove Pop-up Virus?

I seem to pick up a dodgy pop-up virus called It is really annoying because it keep coming over and over. Is there any suggestion to remove it completely? I have tried removing unwanted program and browser extensions with no luck.

What is is caused by the potentially unwanted programs or adware installed on your computer stealthily. Those programs invade your computer via different channels, such as infected freeware downloads and installs, peer to peer share files, corrupt websites, and even spam emails.

How to Remove Suspected Yahoo Redirect -

I've been download a lot of apps lately and then I see than EVERY time I open Google Chrome it will open to New Tab, 1 second later it becomes and any other new tab... How do I get rid of it from my chrome? Please Help!

What is Https://

Once you encounter this suspected Yahoo Search, there might be adware or malware in your computer. As is known, the real yahoo search is popular with many computer users. However, this suspected yahoo search with long random postfixes can never satisfy a user’s need. It comes stealthily and suddenly without users’ knowledge and permission. It will redirect your page to one and another. Surfing the internet with those infected web browser is a pain or you cannot even use it for internet browsing. Here are some problems alongside this suspected yahoo redirect.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How to Remove Palikan ( Browser Hijacker Permanently?

I recently downloaded an alleged update to the shockwave plugin. The result was palikan inserted itself as my default browser search. As well as that several random popups have started occurring. I have got rid of palikan as far as I can figure out. However treasure track is still active as well as several different popups.

If you are encountering palikan and searching for solutions, you can get help from this article.

What is Palikan?

Palikan (also known as Palikan Search or is potentially unwanted programs (PUP) that will cause a lot of troubles to your computer. It is usually comes bundled with other software such as video plays, download managers, or game apps. Once installed, it will generate to replace your home page and add Palikan New Tab 0.0.1, Go_Palikan, and other extensions to your browser.

How to Remove Fake Update Popup?

My home page got stuck in when I launched chrome. I know it is a fake one but it keeps popping even without my clicking for anything. How do I get rid of it?

What is is listed as spurious website by Google Safe Browsing and a potentially active malware by AVGThreatLabs. Once infected, malicious software will be downloaded and installed without user’s consent. This dubious website usually comes embedded onto the corrupt links or hacked websites or bundled to other software that may be infected by PUP or even malware. When this website pops up or opens new tab on the infected browser, you may see this messages,

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How to Remove Pop-up Survey?

Your web browser has been hijacked by pop-up? Have difficulty in removing it from your computer completely? Please read the article below to learn effective removal guides.

What is is a nasty pop-up used to distribute 2015 Annual Opinion Survey Scam. Please do ignore the so-called exclusive reward of 50$. This survey will never offer you the reward; instead you will get a lot of change on your browser or even PC.

How to Remove Bowser Hijacker?

Your browser home page has been changed into Search - TopArama without your permission? Try removing it but always fail? Need help get rid of it completely and easily? Please read this article to find what you want.

What is is a browser hijacker that has ability to take over the web browsers installed on your computer such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. It is usually created to promote some third party websites or products so that its author can gain profits. Removal Guide – How to Remove Completely and Easily?

Yesterday, when I launched my chrome I found YesSearches rather than my homepage. I reset my home page and it worked. But when I opened chrome this money, YesSearches came again. What’s wrong with my computer? How do I get rid of it?

Introduction of

What is It is a browser hijacker that will infect all brands of web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Here is a screenshot of

Monday, October 12, 2015

How to Get Rid of “BSOD: DllRegisterServer failed with the error code 0x80040201” Pop-up?

Have you received pop-ups about “BSOD: DllRegisterServer failed with the error code 0x80040201”? It says your Windows has detected potential threats on your computer and asked you to contact 1-866-261-2971? It warns you that your computer has got some Windows Defender Error Code like 0x80073afc and 0x800705b4? Please learn more details about this pop-up and then remove it from your computer.

What is “BSOD: DllRegisterServer failed with the error code 0x80040201” Pop-up?

The “BSOD: DllRegisterServer failed with the error code 0x80040201” on the pop-up message is not the real problem but a hoax created by cyber criminals to collect users’ important data and gain fees from the tech support scam. Recently, there are many error codes (such as 0x80073afc) emerging from Windows Defender. Cyber criminals take advantage of this issue to trick innocent users that their computers have been infected and offer tech support hoax to make money from users. Please don’t be cheated by this kind of ridiculous message that automatically pops up on your browser, which can never to true.

How to Remove Error Code UR97L1DA2TA Pop-up Tech Scam?

I have a Critical Security Warning pop-up with an error code UR97L1DA2TA. It also says my Windows security center and firewall services are disabled and my TCP connection was blocked by firewall. This pop-up keeps coming. Is there a real error code UR97L1DA2TA? How do I get rid of it?

What is Error Code UR97L1DA2TA?

The so-called detected error code UR97L1DA2TA is a hoax alluring the innocent users to call for the false tech support. It says it has halted all your resources to prevent any additional damage to your system and info and if you don’t fix it immediately you may suffer from identity theft.

Actually, this pop-up is a fake one that may be caused by some unwanted application installed on your computer. You are not recommended to call the tech support. Instead, you should find out and remove the unwanted application and this pop-up from your computer immediately. Once infected, you will often find this annoying pop-up on your computer and have difficulty in getting it to go away. Seriously, this pop-up may take control of your browser by replacing your home page and new tab. When you open your browser, you will come to this suspected domain rather than your default home page.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

How to Remove Trojan- Win32/Dynamertic from Your PC?

My PC is infected by a Trojan called win32/Dynamertic. I try to get rid of with windows defender but the PC just hangs half way. Is there a solution to getting rid of this Trojan???

What is Trojan- Win32/Dynamertic?

Trojan- Win32/Dynamertic is a new found Trojan horse created by cyber crooks to compromise users’ computer computers. It is usually distributed via spam emails, share files, infected software, or corrupt/hacked websites. It can affect all versions of Windows Operating System. You should remove it as it is detected so as to avoid more harm.

HugeApps Ads Keep Showing Up – How to Remove HugeApps Ads From Your PC?

Recently, my computer has been swarmed with pop ups on my browser from a program called "HugeApps". I have searched my computer thoroughly and have not found anything strange or related to the virus. I'm getting super frustrated and I can't find an adware scanning program that'll do the job. Please help!

What is HugeApps?

HugeApps is a potentially unwanted program or adware that may display massive intrusive advertisements to your computer. Therefore, even if it claims to enhance its user’s browsing experience, it is unaccepted and rejected by almost all the users. Besides, this adware usually gets in user’s computer via deceptive means. It is usually bundled with other software. If you fail to reject it before it gets installed, you will bring this trouble to your computer.

Friday, October 9, 2015

How to Remove & Associated Malware from Your PC?

Malicious Website Protection, Domain,,, 55669, Outbound, C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

Have you come across a malicious site called Your security tool keep blocking this malicious site or your page keep coming to this malicious domain? If you want to learn how to remove this site from your computer, you can refer to the guides below.

What is is a malicious site that will pop up on your web browser automatically without your permission. It is an advertising supported platform that usually comes alongside DNS Unlocker. This site and the adware can sneak into your computer with the help of other software. That is, if you install software downloaded from usually third parties without rejecting the additional tools, you may bring in great troubles to your computer. Besides, when you visit malicious sites such as porn sites and hacked sites, malicious script will be loading to your browser, and your browser will then always be redirected to

Thursday, October 8, 2015

How to Remove Dnsdaisetta.exe Virus? Get Rid of Dnsdaisetta.exe from DNS Keeper

Want to get rid of dnsdaisetta.exe from your computer and clean away all the threats that make your computer wired? Please read this post and refer to the guides below.

What is Dnsdaisetta.exe?

Dnsdaisetta.exe is a suspicious file belonging to DNS Keeper, a program that has ability to mess up your entire PC. This suspicious program usually gets into your computer alongside other software as a bundle. So when you install software downloaded from third party, you are advised to check for the bundles and reject them. Otherwise, you will get something malicious without your knowing.

As a part of DNS Keeper, dnsdaisetta.exe can also enable unexpected troubles to your computer, such as pop-up ads, redirects, and system alteration. Specifically, once you detect dnsdaisetta.exe in your computer, you may encounter the following troubles:

How to Remove PUP ResultsHub from Your Computer?

Is your computer bombarded by ResultsHub pop-up ads? Is your browser home page hijacked by ResultsHub as well? There must be something bad in your computer. You should find it out and remove it immediately.

What Problems Are Caused by ResultsHub?

ResultsHub is both a potentially unwanted program and adware that triggers a bunch of problems to your computer. Before learning this PUP, you can see what other users’ experience about it,

“... I noticed my home page in IE and chrome was reset to yahoo. I ran malware bytes anti malware and found several PUP's including several instances of Yahoo which cleared with removal by malware bytes. Unfortunately ResultsHub keeps popping up after serial removal. Restoring chrome's settings and setting the home page back to Google work only for an instant, then a new tab reverts to yahoo.”

Ayoora Ads Removal Guide – Easy Ways to Remove Ayoora Adware

You came across a bunch of Ads by Ayoora when you started your web browser? Your computer must infect with adware infection. Please read this article to learn how to remove it completely from your computer.

Ayoora Description

Ayoora is an adware compatible with different web browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. It usually comes bundled with other freeware downloads. You are not recommended to download any software (PDF creators, video players, game apps) from unreliable resources in case that they might be bundled with this annoying adware.

How Do I Get Rid of AllStarDeals Ads?

I see random pop-up ads of AllStarDeals showing up on my chrome. I don’t know how this adware come in my computer. Is there an easy way to remove it from my computer?

What is AllStarDeals?

AllStarDeals is an adware that usually adds as a browser extension/plugin to the infected browsers regardless of it is Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. This adware usually gets in user’s computer via freeware downloads. You are not recommended to download any software you want from unreliable resources in case that they might be bundled with unwanted programs such as AllStarDeals.

Friday, October 2, 2015

How to Remove Ads by LaSuperba from Your Computer?

In the past 3 days I have had non-website based ads, pop-up windows, and hyperlink changing for various ads with a logo and "ads by LaSuperba" in the corner of my browser screen. Symantec antivirus didn't detect it and a malware removal program didn't get rid of it.

What is LaSuperba?

LaSuperba is an adware or potentially unwanted program that usually sneaks into your computer via other software especially freeware. You are not recommended to download software from third party websites or file-sharing platforms in case they may bundle with other unwanted programs. When installing the software you want, you’d better choose a custom or advanced setup rather than express setup. And then you may have chances to disable the bundled programs.