Sunday, May 31, 2015

How to Remove Popup? Get Rid of Fake Windows Virus Alert!

You may see this kind of warning in your PC if your browser keeps redirecting to
“Attention: Your computer may have been infected with Adware/Malware and it may not be safe to run this system. Your personal and financial information may have been compromised…Please call 1-844-332-7029 for free diagnosis…”

What is is a fake system alert that can mislead users that their systems have found multiple viruses. It will show a list of threat that have been detected and suggest you to contact its emergency virus support for help. Please don’t trust what it claims. It is just a scam to scare you into calling its so-called technician hotline which may ask you to pay for its products or services. It is just a scareware. You should remove it to avoid further damage.

How to Remove LightningDownloader Ads?

LightningDownloader Ads pop up at your screen? Want to get rid of it? Please read this post and learn how to remove LightningDownloader.

Information about LightningDownloader

LightningDownloader is a free application which claims itself as a useful tool that may help its users to download files and videos using their URL and file path. Actually, this application is just a potentially unwanted program. It can make troubles from other aspects.

LightningDownloader is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. No matter what kind of browser you use to go online, it will soon get installed and deliver you all kinds of ads. This program is used to generate pay-per-click revenue through showing computer users popups, banners, in-text hyperlinks, and contextual and transitional ads. It entraps victims to their terms, which may be a nuisance, and can ultimately affect the overall functionality of the infected computer system or assist privacy invading malware in gathering sensitive information including browser and computer activity, and stored browser data (passwords, search entries and browsing history).

Easy Steps to Remove Chromatic Adware Effectively

About Chromatic

Chromatic is a free application that claims to enhance users’ internet browsing experience with privacy security. It is promoted as a modern browser that puts its users’ privacy and security first and does not track their location or does not collect their personal information, etc. It seems wonderful, isn’t it? Actually, this application is just a potentially unwanted program or adware that enables online advertising for all kinds of products or services. This adware is notorious for its distribution in illegal way. It often stealthily installs itself on different browsers without users’ knowledge and permission via a deceptive marketing method called ‘bundling’. As a suspicious browser extension on many browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome), Chromatic can generate intrusive online advertisements straightaway.

Friday, May 29, 2015

What is Daemon.exe? Should I Remove It?

Daemon.exe is a run program belongs to Virtual Drive (Daemon Tools Lite). It is usually installed as a startup in the system and creates a red icon in the System Tray. Daemon.exe allows the PC to bypass the security mechanisms of protected CDs and DVDs. It is not essential for the Windows OS and causes relatively few problems. It can record keyboard and mouse inputs. However, it is not a problem due to the good reputation of Daemon Tools Lite unless the process is a fake one disguised by malware.

The daemon.exe file is not a Windows system file. It is often located in a subfolder of "C:\Program Files" or sometimes in a subfolder of C:\ or in a subfolder of "C:\Documents and Settings" (mostly C:\Program Files\D-Tools\). If this file is located in a subfolder of the "My Files" folder a subfolder of C:\Windows, you should be alert because it is a treat that causes high-risk problems. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Remove Doc Assistant in Simple Steps

Doc Assistant Description

Doc Assistant is an adware-driven program which plays as a shopping assistant every website that you visit. Working as a browser extension on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox, Doc Assistant will display all kinds of advertisements containing sponsored links or underlined keywords. This adware is often designed to promote the sponsored products or services. Typically, you may see Doc Assistant appearing as pop-ups, pop-unders, in-texts, or many other forms to attract users’ clicks and visits.

Channels for Accessing PC

This adware can install itself on your computer without your knowledge and consent. Here are some channels that it may exploit to get in your PC.

1.      Deployed in freeware packages;
2.      Downloaded from its official website;
3.      Get installed with the help of e-mail attachments or share files.

Best Way to Remove CoupMeApp Completely

Description on CoupMeApp

CoupMeApp is a free application which claims to enhance users’ web browsing experience. It often shows the so-called useful coupons, discounts, deals and savings to the products or services on the websites that you visit. However, this adware, similar to other applications (such as CouponGiant, CouponCheaChea, and AutoDealsApp), is listed as a nasty adware that aims at earning revenue by promoting third party products or services.

Typically, once you get CoupMeApp installed on your PC, you will see this adware attacking browsers with tons of annoying pop-up ads. Besides, this adware has the ability to slow down computer and expose users to a number of dangerous threats like rogue software, browser hijacker, worm, backdoor, and even malicious Trojan. There is no doubt that your confidential information or privacy will be at risk. Therefore, you are highly recommended to get rid of CoupMeApp the moment you find ads titled with “Powered by CoupMeApp”, “Brought to you by CoupMeApp”, or “Ads by CoupMeApp” displaying randomly on the website that you visit.

Remove Browser Hijacker from IE/FF/Chrome

Information about seems legitimate at the first sight when it shows up on your browser all of a sudden. Actually, it is a fake search website that offers unreliable homepage and search engine. It is compatible with all brands of browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This website offers quick links to the favorite sites like Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, etc. You will soon find this website irritating if you use it.

Easily Stop Pop-up Ads

About is dubious website which promotes supposedly legitimate updates to Java or Adobe Flash Player software and earns pay-per-install revenue. This pop-up most probably comes alongside other freeware/shareware due to its ‘bundling’ feature. Please do not trust the update alert from this website. It is only designed to lure people to jump into their money-related trap. is a typical browser hijacker that takes up the infected browsers by changing the browser settings. Once infected, you will find your homepage is totally changed. This pop-up can also bring in registry keys in Windows in order to operate every time you start an online session. When you launch your browser, you will be redirected to the nasty domain which delivers bogus update recommendation rather than your default homepage. Besides, this pop-up is good at collecting the private data stored on the browser or system. You may suffer from identity exposed or information theft due to this malicious program.

How Can I Get Rid of Decrypt Protect Virus? (Removal Help)

MBL Advisory
You have 48 hours left to enter your payment.
You have lost control over your computer.
Your system and all your files has been blocked and encrypted because you were spreading the Malware (viruses, trojans, worms).
You are breaking numerous International and USA laws.”
You receive such messages in your computer? No worry. Here are some details about this issue. Please keep reading and learn more.

What is Decrypt Protect Virus?

Decrypt Protect Virus is classified as a nasty and risky ransomware. It is created by cyber criminals to scam fine money from computer users. This virus usually lock users computer screen and claim users are breaking numerous International and USA laws by spreading the malwares such as viruses, trojans, worms etc.  It is quite similar to other ransom viruses (Ai88 Ransom, Ransom, or CTB-Locker) for all of them trick computer users to pay the fine. It can also cause your system vulnerable due to its malicious features. This ransomware is tricky and risky. You should remove it when you notice it.

Remove Gozes.exe from Infected Computer

“Anyone out there has any idea what this process does. CPU usage is always high...Also noticed that gozes.scr is also keeping the processor busy…”

About Gozes.exe

Gozes.exe is a suspected process that can appear in all the Operation Systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. It is classified as a high risk malware infection due to its malicious features to the systems. If you detect gozes.exe in your computer through anti-virus software, you should remove it to set your PC free.

How to Remove Browser Hijacker?

Your browser is redirected to a questionable search page called You have difficulty in removing it? Don’t worry. Here is a post of removal instruction. You are welcomed to read it and remove this suspicious web search.

Description on is recognized as a browser hijacker. It has the ability to affect all kinds of web browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. Once infected, you cannot use your default homepage and search engine any more. Even if it seems legitimate at the first glance, it will eventually mess up your whole browser. It is developed by cyber criminals who want to get revenue from promoting its sponsored products or services which are often added with lots of rogue plugins and unwanted extensions. On infected, you will eventually lose control for your browser. It is dangerous.

How to Remove Dyre/Dyreza Trojan – Effective Way to Get Rid of Dyre/Dyreza Trojan

What is Dyre/Dyreza Trojan?

Dyre/Dyreza Trojan is sorted as a stubborn and hazardous computer virus. It usually gets installed computers without users’ knowledge and permission. It is hard to tell how this kind of Trojan virus enters your PC because it is spread through various channels. Typically, this Trojan is often distributed via share programs or movies, spam emails attachments, or free software downloads.

Dyre/Dyreza Trojan is so destructive that may do harm to your infected system. T It has the ability to modify the registry entries to add itself to the startup item when it has successfully completed its invasion on the targeted computer. It can change the desktop background and enable remote hackers gain access to the infected computer. Besides, you will get a lot of computer issues which are able to cause your system crash. For example, many suspicious processes may be generated and run in the background to occupy your system resource. This Trojan is good at steal your confidential information (IP address or online banking account details). It can lead to your money loss and identify exposed.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to Remove Omiga-plus.exe?

What is Omiga-plus.exe?

Omiga-plus.exe is a suspicious file that often runs on the startup. Once inside, it may take up your system resources if you fail to disable it. This executable file has something to do with other unwanted programs such as or omigaplus- It can enable these programs and then mess up your browser or even system with all kinds of pop-ups or browser redirects. Here are some details:

  • Take control over all kinds of web browsers including IE, FF, or Chrome.
  • Block typical search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Show suspicious links, banner ads and other content on the website that you visit.
  • Collect non-personally identifiable information stored on the computer.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How to Remove Popup from Chrome (IE/FF)? hijacks you to suspicious website randomly? Annoyed with those constant browser hijackers when launching web browser? Need help erase popup? Please read the following page and learn the useful removal instruction.

What is Popup? is regarded as a tricky ads-supported website which often hijacks your browser to a suspicious domain. Commonly, the website you reach may offer you fake update or online phone scam. There is no good to trust this kind of random website. targets on the frequently-used browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

How to Remove Shield Safe Search? (Removal Tutorial)

Shield Safe Search takes over your browser? You cannot find your default homepage or search engine anymore? Don’t worry. This post will tell you more about Shield Safe Search and offer you step by step removal instructions for it.

What is Shield Safe Search?

Shield Safe Search is categorized as a potentially unwanted program that usually cause browser hijacker to a suspected website named It is created by cyber crooks to mess up users’ browsers by adding browser extension (BHO, Winsock LSP, etc.), replacing homepages and search engine, and creating shortcuts. Commonly, this program will deliberately redirect the infected browsers to its domain without any permission.

How to Remove MasterDeals Adware from PC?

What is MasterDeals?

MasterDeals is an ads-supported program that claims to enhance users’ browsing experience by showing comparison shopping, coupons, and other features. Actually, it is just a nasty adware which distributes various pop-up ads or underlined keywords with an intention of gaining profit. This adware often comes with the purpose to alluring uses’ visits and using its sponsored products and services. It can break into your PC alongside other programs or software that you install consciously or unconsciously.

Please mind that browsers may be messed up by all kinds of ads, deals, sponsored links and also free malware scan promotion. Once added, this adware will generate web rubbishes to block your normal online activities. Besides, it is able to compromise your system with unknown malware and even dangerous trojans. Advertisements with “MasterDeals Ads” or “Ads by MasterDeals” on your browser (i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer) may be a signal that your PC is infected.

How to Remove Pop-up? (Removal Guide) pop-up redirects your browser to s suspected domain? It is titled with PC Support – Microsoft Specialist? It keeps appearing when you launch your browser? Please look at this post and learn how to remove this suspected website.

What is is a seemingly normal website that claims to help users to fix various issues in their PCs. Actually, this website is changeable. It will also turn into a fake flash update website or even bogus virus alert website. No matter what kind of forms it uses to disguise itself, it just allures you to download and install what it offers or just scares you into contacting the given number which may demand certain fee to fix the problems.

Best Way to Remove keeps redirecting you to a suspicious website? You fail to get rid of it? If you need effective guides to remove this website, please read this post for detailed information. Description is phishing website that often spreads on the worldwide internet. It is created by cyber criminals to and trick people’s money from installing the potentially unwanted programs that this website promotes. Please don’t trust what is claimed on its website. It may only cause troubles to you,

If you keep forwarding to and other despiteful websites which is already contaminated with dangerous threat, then you have got infected with a malware in the background. This kind of malware can cause browser redirect or browser hijacker. Therefore, you may totally lose control for your browser. This malware can also modify your homepage URL so as to support its unstoppable popups. Once infected, can collect users’ confidential information such as IP address, passwords, and bank account details. Those information or data will eventually be sent to the cyber criminals, which can be very invasive.

Remove Antivirus Pro 2017 from Windows (Removal Instruction)

Information about Antivirus Pro 2017

Antivirus Pro 2017 is a rogue antivirus program that masquerades itself as a genuine one. Antivirus Pro 2017 can do nothing good but swindle money out of you. Do not be fooled by its seemingly legitimate appearance and its similarity to Windows Defender.

How to Remove OptiDiscount? (Removal Guide)

What is OptiDiscount?

OptiDiscount works as an ads-supported extension on many web browsers. It claims to provide its users with a great range of limited-time offers, interesting deals, social media apps, coupons, comparison shopping, and many more. OptiDiscount seems to have an extremely high degree of flexibility for shoppers, but actually, it is listed as an unwanted or even nasty adware that is rejected by its users. Seemingly, it is good for those who would like to hang out online shops and seek for something interesting and discounting. However, please do not get fooled by these promises as they are nothing more than a hoax.

OptiDiscount can affect many web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. It can mess up your browser by adding other unwanted extensions in the background which enables constant ads when your launch your browser. Except for the interruptions from the banners, pop-ups, or in-texts, you may face with information and privacy theft because OptiDiscount may read and record your data stored on the computer. Besides, the existence of this adware will eventually slow down your webpage loading as well.

How to Remove Ai88 Ransom Virus? (Removal Guide)

What is Ai88 Ransom Virus?

Ai88 Ransom Virus is capable of encrypting videos, pictures and other files that are kept on computer or other device. It should not keep in your computer. Please note that once this virus enters your PC, it will scan your data files and encrypt them so that they are unusable. And then this virus will pop up a notification from police accusing you of breaking the law. This notification will ask you to pay for the decryption key. You are recommended not to pay a ransom on these fake requirements. There is no guarantee that you can decrypt your files if you pay for them. What you pay for the decryption will be the income of the cyber criminals.

This ransomware is same to the Cryptowall virus, Cryptolocker, Cryptorbit, Critroni, or CTB Locker. All of them are created to trick money out of the infected computer users. And all of them can dig out the loopholes in the system so that it could facilitate other nettlesome viruses or computer infection to penetrate into the system. So once you find your computer infected with Ai88 Ransom Virus, please remove it as soon as possible.

Monday, May 25, 2015

How to Remove Locker v1.7 – Removal Tutorial

What is Locker v1.7?

Locker v1.7 is a new variant of Cryptolocker that belongs to ransomware family. This malware can break into your PC without asking for permission. It is mainly distributed via pam e-mails, malicious or hacked Web pages, peer-to-peer networks, etc. Once infected, you will receive a scam message that asks you to pay for the decryption key. This alert seems real and if you don’t complete the fine you may not get your files back any longer. Therefore, you are suggested not to follow what it says. You will only face more serious problem rather than get out of trouble.

Of course, ignoring this ransomware is also not helpful for your PC even it is fake. If you let this ransom goes unchecked on your system, your hard drive and even whole system will be damaged. And your system may be taken over so that you can do nothing. More severely, your private information may be collected by the unknown cyber crooks who will exchange the information with the commercial parties for profits.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

How to Remove PUP.Optional.Conduit.A Completely (PUP Removal Guide)

PUP.Optional.Conduit.A is detected in your system when you run a scan for your PC? You remove it but it comes back regularly? If you want to get rid of this potential unwanted program, please read this post to get more details and remove it with the instructions below.

What is PUP.Optional.Conduit.A?

PUP.Optional.Conduit.A is classified as a potentially unwanted program which carries adware, toolbars or other malware. This program usually appears together with a lot of rogue programs. Once infected, you will find a bunch of annoying popups in your PC so that your online browsing experience is interrupted. This program can be dangerous. If you are the one who got this infection, you may face with money loss and even important privacy leakage. Besides, once this program gets in the vulnerable computers, it starts to make troubles in various aspects.

How to Remove Find-a-deal? Best Way to Get Rid of Ads by Find-a-deal

What is Find-a-deal?

Find-a-deal is an adware program that works as extension in the Chrome and Firefox or BHO in the IE. This adware usually appears on your visiting websites, especially eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. It is promoted as a useful tool that helps its users find the cheapest deals faster via showing available compared deals and discount offers as underlined advertisements with “Ads by Find-a-deal”, “Find-a-deal Ads”, “Find-a-deal Deals”, “Powered by Find-a-deal”, “Brought to you by Find-a-deal”, etc.

How to Remove DealMine Adware & Ads by DealMine?

DealMine keeps showing banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, or in-texts when you browsing the web? Those ads have interrupted your online activities? If you remove this kind of adware with no luck, you are welcomed to try the methods offered in the following page. Hope they will help you out of troubles.

What is DealMine?

DealMine is a useless application which falls in to adware category. It promises to offer you great deals with discounts and price comparisons. However, this adware never keeps its promise. This adware does offer you seemingly favorable deals, but all those deals are shown as all kinds of forms such as pop-ups or underlined keywords. The deals can be random or even full-paged. You will never be happy when your webpage is completely covered by them.

Easy Ways to Remove Ads by MarketCompare (Pop-ups or Underlined Keywords)

Ads by MarketCompare appear on the webpage that you visit? Get tired of those cross-browser or full-page ads? Need more knowledge about this kind of adware? Want to get rid of the adware hidden in the background? If so, please look through this post for more details.

Description on MarketCompare

MarketCompare is a free application which can enable different kinds of ads on every webpage you visit. It is promoted as a useful tool that offers you help in saving your time and money by showing various discounts, favorable deals, or other seemingly positive offers. It sounds like a must-have application. However, MarketCompare is just another nasty adware that aims at making money through promoting its sponsored products or services. It can display full page of ads, deals, coupons, or other services as banner, pop-up, pop-under, interstitial, transitional, or in-text. Bad news is that almost all the ads from this adware are thought to be unreliable or even fraudulent.

How to Remove RockApps from IE/FF/Chrome?

Are you annoyed with the ads from RockApps? Have you tried to remove them but fail? If you are seeking solutions for this adware, you can read the post below.

What is RockApps?

RockApps is categorized as nasty adware that provides pop-ups and text links. It is described as a useful tool that will save its users’ time and money and enhance their online experience by offering efficient coupon, discount, deal information and many others. However, it is never as good as it claims. It just messes up your web browser by showing random ads on any of your web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and even Safari. Once infected, you will get pop-ups when you browse, or

Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to Fix Delta.Tlbr.dll?

What is Delta.Tlbr.dll?

Designed by Montera Technologies LTD, Delta.Tlbr.dll is a suspicious file that usually makes its way into the vulnerable system through Once this file inside your computer, it will support in turn. In this case, even if you remove from your browser, this file may recover this website and enable it hijacks your browser again. Delta.Tlbr.dll consist many components. If fail to remove all the components, the leftover may regenerate very quickly

Therefore, the existence of this file may cause your browser abnormal. Your default homepage, search engine, and the new tab page will be altered by Besides, this file can help the program triggered by it collect your important information like IP address, usernames, passwords, and bank account information. What’s more, it is obvious that your computer becomes slower and slower. Your CPU can be taken up by this file and the related files. In conclusion, you should remove this file and all the related components completely.

How to Get Rid of BloCKUTubeAd Easily? (Removal Guide)

What is BloCKUTubeAd?

BloCKUTubeAd is classified as a potentially unwanted adware due to its suspected features that show on the computers added with this program. Please don’t trust this adware even if it usually disguises itself as a useful application and promises to help its users block annoying ads whenever they watch videos in YouTube.

Working as a BHO (Browser Helper Object)/add-on/browser extension, BloCKUTubeAd is compatible with most common web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Once infected, you may see many linked products, coupons, and discount deals on various websites in the form of banners, popups, and pop-unders. Those ads sometimes will show as titled advertisements like “BloCKUTubeAd Ads”, “Ads by BloCKUTubeAd”, Brought by BloCKUTubeAd”, or “Powered by BloCKUTubeAd”. This adware can install itself on your computer without your knowledge and then start making troubles. For example, it can:

Remove from IE/FF/Chrome

You got constant popup on your browser? It kept reappearing after you deleted it? You need to completely remove it from your computer? Here is a post offering step by step removal instruction. Please keep reading.

Information about is dubious website that can cause browser redirects to all brands of internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It is deemed as a vicious program because it can mess your computer by adding other unwanted problems to both your browser and system. Those unwanted programs can be web browser toolbars, speed utilities, optimization programs, or other software products. As long as you get infected, your browser will always be taken up by this website. Thus, this website is regarded as a very dangerous redirect virus or browser hijacker. You will see your default internet browsers homepage change to without your knowledge.

How to Remove Popup? (Removal Guide)

Your browser is always dominated by It pops up telling your media player might be outdated? You want to get rid of this constant popup? Please read this post to learn how to remove it.

What is is an information platform which displays bogus update message that usually says your media player might be outdated and recommends you to download an update for the best performance. If you trust it and update your media as what it recommends, you will agree to download some useless programs which can mess your browser settings and through which you will probably be redirected to its sponsored links where you never visit. Those programs and site links do no direct harms to your computer, but the undesirable codes or malware on it will cause your computer vulnerable. There is no guarantee that you can experience an enjoyable internet browsing. You browsing will certainly be disturbed by this adware. Besides, is able to monitor your browsing habits and track you browser history. You will suffer from information theft as well if you ignore this nasty adware.

How to Remove CrushArcade Ads

What is CrushArcade Ads?

CrushArcade is a suspected application that may generate pop-up ads or new tab to the infected browser. It is sometimes promoted as an exciting gaming portal that offers thousands of free games. It does match with what it claims but it is more nasty than enjoyable. This program has a wide range influence on the worldwide internet. Suspicious ads caused by CrushArcade can mess up the infected PCs and new toolbars or search pages which will also divert search or simply uses search queries to generate ads that might be interesting to the users will be installed. Besides, as it claims, you may get gaming platforms on your computer. However, other nasty things followed by CrushArcade may be random pop-ups or unwanted redirects. Therefore, it is obvious that victims’ online activities will be seriously interrupted.

How to Remove (Browser Hijacker Removal)

Your browser homepage turns into Have no idea how this website comes in your PC? You need help to completely remove it from your machine? Here is a post offering step by step removal instruction. Please keep reading.

What is is seemingly legitimate website that owns a searchbar in the middle. Don’t get cheated by its appearance at the first sight. It is rejected by mane computer users because it can cause many troubles. Therefore, it is widely classified as a browser hijacker. This website can affect many browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Once infected, you may come to its domain when you launch your browser. This program can also cause redirection to some other third-party websites related to all sorts of adware networks and channels.

Best Way to Remove Trojan horse generic_r.eji

Trojan horse generic_r.eji has been detected in your PC? Need help to remove it? Then you can go through this post and wipe Trojan horse generic_r.eji off your PC.

Information about Trojan horse generic_r.eji

Trojan horse generic_r.eji is a risky Trojan horse that can harm all versions of the Windows operating system. If you are infected with this Trojan virus, other programs (including other threats) may be downloaded and installed automatically.

Problems Caused by Trojan horse generic_r.eji

This vicious Trojan infection can damage the compromised computers in various aspects. Once infected, it can add its harmful entries to the start-up folder so as to automatically run itself every time Windows boot. And then it starts to perform malicious activities. For example, it changes many important settings. This Trojan can also delete important system files, add malicious entries to the Windows registry, disable antivirus program, weaken firewall, and even download other malwares to the computer. If you leave this virus go unchecked in your computer, you may face with information theft and attacks from other malware.

How to Remove CoupoonService64?

Your computer is infected with CoupoonService64? Want to get rid of this kind of adware? This post is specially created to tell you how to remove CoupoonService64 and fix the similar programs. You are welcomed to read it for help.

What is CoupoonService64?

CoupoonService64 is a tricky and pesky adware which break into vulnerable PC stealthily without any notification. This adware is just a trouble for both your browser and PC. Why? Reasons can be various.

Firstly, once inside, this adware can trigger different kinds of advertisements, such as discount coupons, deals and online savings, but none of them can improve your online experience. Those ads will disturb your online activities. And if you click on them, you will be redirected to suspicious domains with malware infections. Secondly, this adware can monitor your internet browsing activities and record IP addresses, unique identifier numbers, search queries, website URLs visited, pages viewed, and other details that may be personally identifiable. It is dangerous for your privacy. Last but no least, it can also degrade PC performance and add malcodes to Windows registry.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Best Solution for Browser Hijacker in IE/Firefox/Google

Your browser is totally taken up by Every time you launch you browser you will be redirected to this suspicious domain? Have no idea how it happen? If want to find your answer, please read this post carefully.

An Introduction of is sorted as a browser hijacker that is possible to infect almost all the browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It can break into users’ PC via its bundling feature. That is, if you install the infected program, will load by default. Although it seems normal, it is just a tricky website that can perform various bad activities.

Effective Guide to Remove SurpriseSavings Ads

Information about SurpriseSavings

SurpriseSavings is classified as an unwanted adware due to its distribution in illegal way. This adware usually sneaks into the vulnerable browsers without any notice and permission because it often comes bundled with other freeware or shareware. When you download and install the infected applications, SurpriseSavings will be downloaded alongside. You have no idea about its existence until you find its commercial ads or other on your browser. All these ads are often in the forms of underline, in-text, banner or contextual.

SurpriseSavings can damages your internet browsers in various aspects resulting from its notorious web browser extension. This adware can make several modifications on your browser so that you can’t operate it as usual. It may read your stored browsing data and information. It can also collect these data and information and send them to the cyber criminals for other commercial purposes. In a word, you can find no good from this program.

Effective Guides to Remove Ads by Ext Coupons from Firefox/ IE/Chrome

Description on Ext Coupons

Ext Coupons is deemed as an adware program which claims to enhance users’ online browsing experience. However, please don’t trust what it says because it is only designed for marketing purpose. It may offer you extra tools which may work behind your eyes. As a result, you may get various commercial ads or other sponsored services from unreliable online retailers.

As a browser extension/add-on, Ext Coupons is often found in different browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you have got this adware on your browser, your internet browsing may be interrupted by the cross-browser advertisements claiming from Ext Coupons. If you click those ads, you may get no help to save your money. Instead, you will be certainly redirected to untrusted web sites where your cyber security may be at risk. It can also invite you to install supposedly legitimate updates to Java or other programs that promise to speed up your PC. Constant barrage of ads, offers, and pop-ups claiming from this adware can mess up your online activities. And you confidential information other private data may be at risk if you keep this adware in your PC.

How Can I Get Rid of Ads by EpsanDrive? (Removal Guide)

What is EpsanDrive?

EpsanDrive is an ads-supported program which can add itself as a browser extension/add-on/toolbar to all brands of web browsers (i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer). It seems to be a useful platform to offer you useful service or products that you are looking for. However, it is never good for users who would like to experience enjoyable browsing because this program itself is totally a tricky adware. Due to its aim at making money (i.e. pay-click-revenue), you will notice various features such as rendering of graphics, text, and other interactive content on any website. Once EpsanDrive is added, you will see advertisements labeled with “EpsanDrive Ads”, “Ads by EpsanDrive”, or “Powered by EpsanDrive” on your browser. Some of the ads can show up after you move your mouse over some highlighted words at the websites.

How to Remove Ads by BeepieBear from PC

There are a lot of BeepieBear Ads popping on your browser webpage like crazy? Your adblocker or security tools cannot help stop them? Please take it easy. Here are some tips to help you get rid of them.

What is BeepieBear?

BeepieBear is one of the adware programs that come from SuperWeb LLC. It claims to help your browser the web with the best technology so that your browsing can be enhanced. Actually, you will soon find it useless. It is just another unwanted adware designed to gain profit over your visits or clicks. Once installed, this adware will generate precarious advertisements, pop-up adverts, and coupon alerts to mess up internet browsing experience for the users. It is obvious that the promise of this adware is totally empty talk.

Monday, May 18, 2015

How to Remove Popup?

Always disturbed by popup when browsing the web? Have any difficulty in removing it? Here is a post offering effective methods to remove popup. Please read the following page and learn more.

What is Popup? is regarded as an ad-supported website which often pops up to cause many annoying issues on web browsers. This website can be suspected for it offers a download button and just ask you to update your movie player. No legitimate movie player will promote itself with such deceitful way. Browsers attacked by this kind of website cannot work normally anymore.

Best Way to Remove from PC – Get Rid of Popup

About is a fake update notification for video player. This kind of Please Update to the Latest Version website usually spread scams to trick users to download what it recommends.  Commonly, this popup may attract your attention by offering great function of the update. For example, it is promoted to offer you better performance like superior HD video streaming and hardware acceleration. However, you are advised not to follow what it promises. You think you will get wonderful video player performance? NO! Even though it recommends you to update your browser, there is no evidence that it will act as what is claimed. What you may receive from the button it offers are totally unwanted programs.

How to Remove Popup?

Get stuck in Popup? Don’t know how this popup appear? Need help to get rid of it? Here is a post offering help to remove this popup. Please read the following page and learn more.

What is is a spurious website that usually appears in all brands of internet browsers. It can be dubbed as a pop-up adware that stealthily accesses the vulnerable computers without any consent. This dubious website usually comes embedded onto the corrupt links or hacked websites or bundled to other software that may be infected by its malicious codes. 

How to Remove Pop-up Completely?

Find displaying on your browser? Have difficulty in removing it after it opens new tab? Don’t know when and how it gets in your PC? Need help get rid of it? If so, then you have come to the right place to learn how to completely remove it.

What is is a kind of an advertising platform that falls into adware category. This suspicious website first pops up telling you that Your Flash Player Is Outdated and then invites you to install the Latest Adobe Flash Player Update. It seems to be good news to update it under a minute. However, this website is totally dubious and designed to make profits by promoting sponsored products and increasing traffics.

According to other users, may introduce other threats to their computers. It can redirect them to strange websites which may contain trojans and rootkits. Besides, once infected, the bundling junk programs alongside this adware may take over your desktop and create a lot of strange icons. In this case, you will find your PC is slowing down. Commonly, you need to spend more time in loading a page and even encounter browser crashes.

How to Remove Popup from IE/Firefox/Chrome? Popup constantly displays on your browser? Irritated with this unstoppable popup? Have difficulty in removing this update website? Please read this post and learn how to get rid of this issue.

About is a bogus web browser update website which functions as an adware. This popup usually takes over your web browser by opening new tab on the infected web browser and claiming, “You are currently browsing the web with Google Chrome (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) and your Video Player might be outdated. Please update to the latest version for better performance.” You can also see a pop-up box recommending you to update your video player to the fastest version available. It seems to be a piece of good news to update it within ten seconds. Actually, it is just a scam to make money out of the victims. This kind of website is often distributed through malicious codes presented on fraudulent websites or illegally injected on legitimate but hacked websites without the knowledge of the administrator.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

How to Remove TelevisionFanatic? Great Tips to Get Rid of

What is TelevisionFanatic?

TelevisionFanatic is a potentially unwanted toolbar which belongs to MindSpark Interactive Network. It can stealthily add itself to the vulnerable browser (i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer) through its ‘bundling’ feature. It can also be downloaded from This program is never good for users who would like to experience enjoyable browsing because this program itself is totally a trouble maker.

Best Way to Remove from IE/Firefox/Google

Your homepage is replaced by a questionable website called Your new tab comes to related? You have tried hard to change or remove it but with no luck? Here is a post about removing You are welcomed to read it for help.

Description on is listed as a browser hijacker due to its malicious features. This program is able to infect all kinds of browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. It can prevent users from accessing the Internet properly and increase the vulnerability of the computer. Once infected, you will get your important settings changed and you will have difficulty to get back your default homepage and search engine.

How to Remove Microsoft Excel.WsF Virus? (Removal Tutorial)

Microsoft Excel.WsF Virus is detected on your computer? Every time you insert a SD Card, a flash drive or whatnot, all your files always appear as shortcut? Have no idea how and when it comes? Try to get rid of it but what you do cannot help? Please look through this post and learn how to remove it.

What is Microsoft Excel.WsF Virus?

Microsoft Excel.WsF Virus is a pesky and stubborn computer virus that belongs to Trojan horse family. It can access your PC easily due to its modes of transmission in wide range.

1)      Attached to the spam email;
2)      Spread through peer to peer files sharing tools;
3)      Spread by the infected removable media like USB key, SD cards, phones, GPS, tablets;
4)      Bundled with other software;
5)      Embedded on suspicious hyperlinks and compromised webpages.

How to Get Rid of Popup?

You browser is always hijacked by a suspected website called You almost get cheated by this website? Want to solve this constant popup from your browser? Please come and read this post.

What is is reported as an untrusted website which opens new tabs on users’ browser and show pop-up information of “Dear (IE/Firefox/Google) user, you are today’s luck visitor…we’ll give you a chance to get an iPhone 6 Plus… ” It may sound like a piece of good news. However, it is totally an annoyance. It will constantly pop up notifications on your browsers faster than you can close it. If not this case, you may always get to this suspicious domain when you launch your browser.

Best Guides to Remove Ads by SC from Browser

About Ads by SC

Ads by SC or Ads by SuperClick are caused by an ads-supported program that claims to help you enhance browsing experience. Usually, once you find these ads showing on your browser with the slogans of “Ads by SC”, “Brought by SC”, or “Powered by SC”, there might be a browser extension or plugin in you background or even embedded into targeted system. Actually, served as a nasty adware, SC distributes various pop-up ads with an intention of gaining profit over the Internet. You should remove them rather than encourage the development of this adware through clicking and visiting the ads claiming from them.

Ads by SC will strongly interfere with your online activities by creating the annoying popping-up advertisements on every webpage you visit. For example, you online activities are inevitably disturbed by the distributed discount coupons, deals online savings, and even free malware scan at your screen. Your system can become abnormal due to the junk cookies and bad things performed by this adware. And then your RAM and CPU room will be eaten up by this nasty adware. Typically, your system performance will be slow and get crashed. To keep your PC safe, you should remove it as soon as possible.

Friday, May 15, 2015

How to Remove Ransom Virus from Windows?

What is is classified as a threatening windows infection which is something like CryptoWall 2.0, CryptoWall 3.0 and OphionLocker. There is no doubt that is a malicious Ransom Virus which takes control of an infected computer system and encrypts most personal files like txt, documents, and image files. If your computer has been infected with this Ransom Virus, you cannot access these files anymore.

Generally, Ransom Virus pops up to victims in a form of a bogus notification on the monitor, trying to mislead users into believing that the machine is under locker and encryption due to impertinent activities. You are not recommended to pay the fine as there is no guarantee whether the encryption will be restored or not after the payments. is very dangerous because it may not only destroy all the data on your system, but also perform malicious activities that will cause further damage. This Ransom Virus is able to connect to the internet and download more infections on your PC. Besides, it will erase your files and create fake files to replace them.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

How to Remove Ads by CouponGiant?

What is CouponGiant?

CouponGiant is an ads-supported program which claims to enhance users’ online activities by enabling favorable commercial features. However, it is just a trouble for both your browser and PC. It is created to enter system sneakily and get users’ trust with a fabricate look like official security product. The mission of this adware is to make easy money from users’ clicks and visits on its sponsored goods and services.

Commonly, CouponGiant break into vulnerable PC stealthily without any notification. Once inside, it will trigger advertisements, such as discount coupons, deals, online savings and other computer services across your screen. All these ads are titled with “Ads by CouponGiant”, “By CouponGiant”, or “Powered by CouponGiant”. Your online activities should be interrupted and your webpage will be redirected to suspicious domains with malware infections.

Effective Ways to Ads by Bold Letters Completely

About Bold Letters

Bold Letters is an adware program developed by SuperWeb LLC. It is presented as a legitimate tool to improve your Internet browsing quality by enabling various features like coupons and comparison shopping. This adware usually sneaks into your computer without your knowledge and approval. It injects onto the target browser with numerous advertisements containing coupons, discounts, deals and other commercials. As a result, your internet browsing may get interrupted by all kinds of pop-ups, pop-unders, in-texts, or banners. If you notice there are “Powered by Bold Letters”, “Brought by Bold Letters”, or “Ads by Bold Letters” cross your browser, then you must get this adware on your browser.

Working as a browser add-on, Bold Letters can be added to almost all the popular web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It is offensive because it can read your browsing data and modify browser settings. It can also collect these data and information and send them to the cyber criminals for marketing purposes.

Removal Guide for WebmailWorld Toolbar

Description of WebmailWorld Toolbar

WebmailWorld Toolbar is one of the baleful rogue programs distributed by Mindspark Interactive Network. It is promoted as a useful tool that provides users with instant access to email, free search, weather, and more for free. However, WebmailWorld Toolbar is not as good as what is advertised in the website. Actually, you may encounter many troubles if you download and install it on your computer.

Effective Guides to Remove Ads by Global Gadget

About Global Gadget

Global Gadget is an adware program found in different browsers as a suspicious browser extension. It can i be loaded onto your browser and system without your knowledge until you shows you all kinds of ads claiming from it. If you have got this adware on your browser, your internet browsing may be interrupted by the cross-browser advertisements marked with “Ads by Global Gadget”, “Ad by Global Gadget”, “Powered by Global Gadget” or “Brought by Global Gadget”.

Problems Caused by Global Gadget

Global Gadget is an unsafe adware. It will contribute several issues on your main browser and PC as well. This adware often attacks the most used web browsers like Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Therefore, no matter what browser you use, you will certainly see a lot of Global Gadget advertisements in forms like banner, coupon, pop-up and hyper-linkedtext when you launch your browser.

How to Remove Screen Flip Ads from IE/FF/Chrome?

Screen Flip Ads pop up on your browser? Your homepage and even the whole browser are taken up by Screen Flip? Your security tool has detected and blocked it constantly but you still get it in your PC? Want to know more about this case and learn how to deal with it? Please read the following page carefully.

What is Screen Flip?

Screen Flip is a nasty adware that works as browser add-on on many web browsers. Even though Screen Flip is described as a useful application to help you enhance browsing experience or save both your time and money when shopping online by enabling all kinds of deals, coupons, or other offers, it never matches with its promise. It can make your browsing a total mess by constantly showing you various pop-upboxes or underlined keywords on commercial and social networks domains.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How to Remove from IE/Firefox/Google?

My IE keeps redirecting to a website called It makes itself my default new tab page. I have tried to remove it but with no luck. It is very irksome and keeps coming. How do I get rid of it? Please help!!

Classification of – Browser hijacker can infect almost all the browsers by hijacking them to its domain. It can change your browser homepage and the default search provider to without your permission and causes many PC problems. For example, it can cause different redirects to the tricky websites and display ads offering suspected download button on its webpage.

More about comes without your permission and awareness since it is often bundled with other software. You may install it by default if you fail to disable it in the installation process. Once inside, will modify browser default settings like homepage and new tab URLs. It is designed to cheat your downloads on other unwanted or even risky programs. Besides, unknown extensions, add-ons, and bookmarks are often added on the browser to monitor your online activities. In result, you will face with privacy exposed and information leakage. This browser hijacker is vicious enough to make your browser out of control.

Great Methods to Remove

You got cheated by a website call You dial the so-called Toll Free technician hotline but suffered great loss? If you have no idea about this popup, please read this post for detailed information and be more careful for something like this kind of suspicious website Description is dubious website created by cyber criminals to promote their paid-support services and trick people’s money from the bogus technician hotline. It often spreads on the worldwide internet. This website tells you a piece of bad news, “There is a .net frame work missing due to some harmful virus”. You are often urged to call the Toll Free Helpline at 1-844-522-782. Please don’t trust what is claimed on its website, even though it shows a picture of spyware infection on your computer. Besides, please don’t call the phone number for the technical support which is totally bogus.

How to Remove Popup? (Removal Guide)

Your browser is always redirected to when you launch it? Have no idea how it happens? Please read this post and learn effective solutions for this issue.

What is is an ad-supported program which may redirect your webpage to its domain telling you, “You might be infected with adware/spyware virus.” This popup is able to infect all brands of browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Generally, the message claiming from this popup is totally mendacious. If it urges you to call its so-called Tech Support Hotline, you should be attentive because you cannot get help from it. Instead, the phone call may only trick your money.

How to Remove Popup Completely?

What is is deemed as a severely vicious browser redirect that has widely spread on the worldwide internet. It is created by cyber criminals to promote their paid-support services through creating serial variants to harass PC users with annoying pop-up ads. This popup is vicious enough to mess up the whole system of infected PC. Please don’t trust what is claimed in its domain even if it says, “WARNING: SYSTEM MAY HAVE FOUND VIRUSES ON YOUR COMPUTER”. These messages are often used to scare you into calling its Tech Support Online which can never be free. can perform many harmful activities to your computer. For example:
  1. It can keep running to consume your PC resources.
  2. It can modify your homepage URL.
  3. It can seriously interrupt computer users’ online activities.
  4. It can offer access to remote attackers to compromise your computer.
  5. It can collect your IP address, passwords, and bank account details.

Best Tips to Remove E-Card.exe from PC

E-Card.exe Description

E-Card.exe is an executable process that belongs to part of a Trojan Virus. This Trojan process can find its way into the target computer stealthily as an attachment to an email message designed to look like a greeting card from a family member. As you will open the email, you may get this Trojan unconsciously. That is, this Trojan can penetrate into your system without your knowledge until you find strange process in your task manager.

E-Card.exe is not only a trouble maker but a malicious virus that can perform a lot of harmful activities on the computers. Once infected, your computer will be monitored and different PC issues will be aroused, such as slow system performance, personal privacy exposed, important system files modified, high CPU usage, common used program inoperative, sometimes internet disconnection, or unexpected system crashes. Furthermore, the existence of this program marks the vulnerabilities of your system. As a result, your computer may easily get infected with other malware, which is very dangerous.