Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to Fix the Error Code 80244018?-Step-by-step Guide

What Is the Error Code 80244018?


Recently many computer users have encountered windows update error 80244018 when they are trying to run windows online update. Usually 80244018 is for win7/vista computer users.
The detailed message is like below:

“Windows could not search for new updates or windows update encountered an unknown error”
“Error code 80244018”
“Get update for other Microsoft products.”

Some computer users have tried to get help from “windows update troubleshooter” but get no luck.
Usually if it is appear the windows update Error code 80244018 that means your system cannot connect to windows update server and it is may cause by the windows firewall. You have to find way to disable the windows firewall or the third party program. To get this error code 80244018 fix, we need to do the follow steps:

Firstly, we have to verify the windows update server is set correctly

Secondly, try to disable the third party program(antivirus program) or windows firewall

Step-by-step Guide for How to Disable the Windows Firewall

1.    Click “start” –click search box and input “service. msc” without the quotation and then press Enter.
2.    Find “Background Intelligent Transfer Service”, right click it and set the status as “started.”
3.    Find “windows Firewall ” and disable it
4.    Find “windows update ” to set the status as “started”
5.    Reboot your computer and try again the windows update online

Note: this is self-help guide just for the skilful computer users, if you don’t have confidence on follow the exactly same step, you are welcome to contact Tee Support 24/7 online agent for live help. Usually your problem can be fixed immediately.

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