Saturday, January 4, 2014

Try to Use 3D Magnetic Posts? The Probable Changes on WP8/WIN8 Interactive Interface

The reason why windows 8 so closely attached to windows Phone, it is largely due to the similarity on the magnetic posts icon, which is different with the traditional ios. There are various types of magnetic posts, but It is also appear their disadvantages, that is the screen just can show the limited amount of the icon. Therefore, it is usually we cannot find the APP we have already installed.

Recently Microsoft has released a new patent, based on the patent description, we learned that Microsoft will try to shape windows Phone system to 3D interface, which has the great changes on the current Windows Phone system magnetic posts. This kind of magnetic posts can let every lay has its own function via spinning. But now there are no the concrete way to make it come true, however, to the most of users, they are still expect for the changes on Windows Phone.

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